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Human Resources and Workplace Safety
Employers today are faced with having to deal with increasingly burdensome employment compliance obligations that can consequently create added human resources and employee relations administrative challenges. ACG Consulting Services, Inc. (ACG) helps employers navigate their way through their personnel-related challenges by providing a broad array of cost-effective and reliable Human Resource and Employment consulting services.  ACG additionally provides employers with a broad menu of specialized Health, Safety and Environmental Compliance (HSE) consulting resources.

ACG also offers employers an annual consulting "membership" service that provides your business with unlimited telephone and email access to its team of seasoned and experienced consultant professionals that are able to quickly respond with informative HR or Workplace Safety guidance.  ACG Consulting Services, (formerly the American Consulting Group), has been assisting businesses of all sizes and types throughout the U.S. with Labor, HR, and workplace Safety needs since 1973.

Additionally, ACG also provides HR and Safety related project support services such as conducting HR audits, developing customized employee handbooks, preparation of annual Affirmative Action Program reports, management training, job description and job function analysis assistance, onsite safety compliance auditing and development of required Cal-OSHA and OSHA enforced workplace safety programs.  ACG also delivers onsite safety training resources.

Contact ACG today to find out how valuable a Human Resources, Employment, Health, Safety and Environmental Consulting resource ACG Consulting Services can be for your company.

ACG, the employer's trusted HR consultant for almost 50 years.

ACG Consulting Services is not a law firm and does not provide any legal representation, legal advice or guidance.


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